It’s finally spring here in Pennsylvania and nature is having her yearly meeting with me in the form of allergies, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Warm days make a very good case for calling out of work to play in the glory of nature.

I love meandering the local trails to just gaze at the maples putting forth tremendous effort to bloom. The oaks, sycamores and hemlocks follow suit. After a wet dreary winter they need to stretch in the sun. Same with me.

This winter was a bit dreary for me as well. Long commutes to and from work in bad weather makes for a long day but I chose to look at the beauty winter has to show. On the way to work the sun has an angle that highlights the bare branches just so and the fields have a soft glow as it awaits warm weather. Even on the grey mornings the trees have a soft look that reminds me of my favorite warm sweater. The ride home involved sky gazing whenever possible since traffic can be a bit hectic. One could see the last remnants of the sunset and the rise of the first stars…so awesome!

So now the season turned and I’m packing lunches to sit out in nature and relieve the pressure of the morning at work. I’m grateful for that hour and I’m renewed for the afternoon & what may be in store with customers, ah! life in an auto parts store.

I do carry in my pocket a piece of moss agate which helps to keep me grounded. I also wear a thin hematite bracelet to help combat negativity that occasionally arises. Both work for me. Nature works for me as well.

Enjoy your spring…

Musings from the MoonKeep

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope life finds you are doing well! This page will occasionally show my creative side with poems, recipes, crystal and stone lore and uses. Here and there I’ll throw in a spell or two as well as what I’m currently working with. I do follow a path in the Celtic tradition and I’m always looking to expand my mind and experiences. I have been to the beautiful lands of Ireland, Scotland and England and my hope is to travel back there soon. I’m looking to do a solitary pilgrimage to some of ¬†sacred wells to offer up peace through the water. This has been in my mind for awhile now.

Actually it came to me when a did a journey to the Cailleach during the Winter Solstice, I had asked her a question and the answer was wells and water, interesting! So I did a wee research on my ancestors and came up with an area in northwest England. I dug a little deeper and found a well near Hadrian’s Wall that fit what I think the goddess was pointing me to, it was a well dedicated to a local goddess named Coventina. I did some more research and really could not find a whole lot about her other than she had a small well near a temple that was dedicated to Mithra. Naturally this has my attention and I began to think this would be a nice way to pay homage not only to my ancestors but to a regional goddess as well. So I adopted Coventina and have been dedicating my prayers to her.

So this is what you expect from me….musings, thoughts, hopes and dreams.

In Peace and Light!